No on Prop 7 – For the Record

20 Oct

There has been a lot of talk recently surrounding Proposition 7 on the upcoming ballot. We here at California Green Designs Do Not Support Prop 7 for the following reasons:

1. Proposition 7 contains a “competition elimination” provision that forces smaller renewable energy companies out of California’s market, as it excludes power from renewable plants producing less than 30 megawatts from counting towards the new requirements. Today, nearly 60% of contracts under California’s renewable requirements are with these small providers.

2. Prop 7 will create competition between smaller solar providers and the utility companies at a time when the two have established a well functioning relationship, working together to develop an infrastructure of clean, renewable energy.

3. Prop 7 requires utilities to invest in large solar installations, the size of which could only be installed on undeveloped tracts of land, furthering the destruction of native habitats. The construction of transmission lines required to connect the electrical production to the consumer would also prove to have a negative social/environmental impact.

We here at California Green Designs believe strongly that the only practical and effective way to provide renewable energy to the people of California is through the development of an infrastructure of solar production that is incorporated into the fabric of the existing utility service. This provides the oportunity for citizens and businesses to own their own power, while avoiding any costly and unnecessary construction projects.


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