Los Angeles Solar Power 2009, the Future is Bright.

20 Nov


Good news for the US energy policy, Great news for the California Solar Movement

California Green Designs is pleased to announced that attached to the $700 billion Bail Out, was the Renewal of the Alternative Energy Federal Tax Incentive, it passed with a few minor changes which leads to great results for pro solar states.

What this means for So. Cals installing systems in 2009.

  • Homeowners now qualify for the full 30% and will no longer have $2000 cap on the tax incentive.
  • Homeowners in California already have rebates available for Solar Power from their utility companies.
  • Business can still count on getting the federal tax incentive and the 5 year accelerated depreciation
  • Solar home tax incentives are no longer effected by AMT
  • Installations in the Golden State now have the potential to save up to 75% of the initial cost of the system

The new Tax Credits will be in effect for the next 8 years!

So why should you install now? The California rebate structure. The theory is the more solar is installed, the more demand there is, the more demand there is the more solar panels will be produced and sold in the US. Great so far, the only drawback is the rebates have been built around this structure, they have tiers, as solar electric systems are installed, we progress into lower and lower tiers, which have lower and lower rebate amounts. So when’s the best time to strike? When are you most likely to take full advantage of the 75% off the cost? Januaray 2009, but when should reserve the rebate? Frankly the earlier, the better.

For more information on the California Rebate Structure go to the Go Solar California website.


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