Solar 2009

1 Jan


So what’s new for solar in 2009?

  • Federal tax credits are making a come back, it was a close one but at the last second with the passing of the $700 billion bailout came 30%  solar power federal incentive tax credits. With the added benefits of not limiting residential systems to cap out at $2000, AMT no longer disqualifying the tax exemption, and all this for an extra long 8 year stretch.
  • Panels are also being produced at a higher rate than last year, which means more panels on the market.
  • LA Solar plan is being introduced, which has a ballot issue at the primaries this year, there should be more on that coming up in 2009, but looks like its yet again another No Vote. They’re still not getting solar right.
  • Recently joining the ranks of California’s Utility companies that offer rebates include Burbank Water and Power, and a larger Glendale Water and Power Program. Pre-existing rebate programs in the LA area include LADWP,  SCE,  and Pasadena Water and Power.
  • The number of LADWP Solar rebates filed for in December 2008 was the highest since the program started according to the LA Times. Hopefully a sign of what’s to come.

The future of solar looks bright, hopefully 2009 will turn us further towards energy conservation on a larger scale and with long term benefit programs.

Happy New Years from all of us at California Green Designs.


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