Is Los Angeles Green?

2 Feb

California Green Designs has always been based in Los Angeles, we know California is a green state, but recently the question emerged how green can a city known for suburbs and traffic be? Is there enough to make a green defense? The following is a list of how the city of angels strives to be eco-friendly.

  • The city has plans to expand the subway system westward. Fingers crossed they don’t follow their current schedule and pick up the pace.
  • LA was the first city to require city owned buildings to be built to LEED specifications, the community colleges have a similar program.
  • The LA Convention Center was the first retrofit LEED certified building.
  • The LADWP, SCE, Burbank Water and Power, Glendale Water and Power, and Pasadena Water and Power all have current Solar rebate programs. See the entry on Solar Programs in LA for more.
  • We have a Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gases to 35% below 1990 levels by 2030. The large construction ordinance was created to help accomplish it.
  • There’s a Water Conservation Ordnance, that most people know about, here’s a link to the report of violations. Looks like they’re mainly giving warnings.
  • The Million Trees LA, an effort to literally make the city greener, you can even get some free trees from them, if only they’d plant some canopy trees along Venture Blvd…

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