Solar Power in the Winter

11 Feb

Out here in Los Angeles our winters are considered mild, there are two basic realities that make this true, one is the natural wind patterns that bring warm air up from the tropics, and the other is our location on the globe, we’re relatively close to the equator, which means we get a good number of hours of sunlight even near the winter solstice. Which means two benfits for solar in the winter in LA, one, fair weather means enough light to still power the panels during the day, and the sun’s high noon is still somewhere above us, which means if we simple tilt the panels just a little we get decent production all year round.

So which way do we tilt? Seeing as how we’re in the Northern Hemisphere, we tilt to the south.

The smaller tilt means that panels in LA prefer to be on top of buildings, rather than on the sides of buildings, and here’s where LA’s sprawl comes in handy, and again the good weather. LA has large roofs thanks to sprawl and flat ones, thanks to good weather, in short, if you where going to put up a solar system anywhere in the world that would have a good return year round, Southern Californis, is the place to be.


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