Do Solar Panels go on the Roof of Homes?

6 Mar

Solar Panels are more often than not, installed on the homeowner’s roof. Especially if the roof meets a few basic criteria, i.e. they are not facing north, and are relatively unshaded. However there are homeowners who prefer to install a system somewhere else. For example CAGD has created solar paneled shade structures. Such as the installations below.

Solar Shade Structure


Also various solar ground mounts like these.

ground mount

solar ground mount 2

Solar Ground Mount 3

And finally pole mounted systems.

pole mount or tracker solar panels

(These are bigger than than appear to be.)


One Response to “Do Solar Panels go on the Roof of Homes?”

  1. Uncle B September 9, 2009 at 8:13 am #

    On the roof offers shade and lowers air-conditioning costs, but not a great deal of space! As these panels become cheaper and more efficient, they will gain in popularity to be sure, and other locations will be found! They probably make for good car-ports, chicken coups, and even offer wind protection of unkind seasons! As high efficiency refrigeration and low wattage cooking methods begin to reach the common folk, and the super-insulations of space age begin to filter down to common usage, a totally off-grid lifestyle is approached for all! Low cost living off-grid and off the land, and working seasonal jobs may make for a large happy population group, that supports green industry and provides food, the arts, and small manufacturing to the economy. Battery cars will certainly be part of this picture, as will wind power, and water conservation. If Isteal can eek out a poultry living from its miserable deserts, so can we! Living beyond our means is drawing to and end in America with the collapse of the dollar and the influx of major Asian products like cars, fridges, stoves, and other appliances – ergo, it is back to the land for us, the remaining stalwart stewards of the America our forefathers meant to be! Free trade has driven us there! Thank You Mr. Bush and your neo-cons, we are now a commie Chinese wholly owned and operated subsidiary capitalized on the Beijing, Shanghai and Hang Seng stock markets, our own Uber-Rich capitalists invested in “Yuan” there, not our dollars, and only small players now in a much bigger game! With any luck, they will send us cheap solar cells and wind turbines, perhaps some super-insulation, and BYD battery cars for our survival!

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