Is Los Angeles Green? An ongoing question.

31 Mar
A couple of months ago we posted a blog entry on all the arguments that Los Angeles can be considered a Green City. While the city might still not quite be there yet, a report released by suggests we’re not by any means bringing up the bottom. Out of the 25 large US cities ranked, Los Angeles came in 5th. Looking at the results most Angelenos feel the city could be doing a lot more, imagine where we’d be if we were headed in the right direction.

Los Angeles: #5

Ranked 5th in the nation as America’s Least Wasteful City

Los Angeles’s high rankings:

  • Using a rain barrel – 2nd
  • Limiting showers to 5 minutes or less – 2nd
  • Participating in their city’s sustainability/environmental programs – 3rd
  • Taking public transportation – 3rd

Low rankings:

  • Turning off the lights when not in the room – 21st
  • Saving leftovers – 21st
  • Buying second-hand items including clothing, electronics, and furniture – 20th


  • 71% of Los Angeles residents consider themselves to be “eco-conscious”
  • 84% plan on being more environmentally conscious in the next year
  • 32% of Los Angeles residents think their city is on the right track to becoming more environmentally responsible

To learn more about Los Angeles’s environmental and sustainability efforts, visit


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