Solar in Stevenson Ranch

12 Jul

“Solar in Los Angeles” – A new series covering all the Los Angeles Metro Area and their relationship with Solar.

Stevenson Ranch located in the Santa Clarita Valley, is a community that has always been very open to Solar Installations.

Solar installations in Stevenson Ranch

UUtility Company: S0uthern California Edison

Electric rates: $0.12 – $0.34/kwh

Rebates available: Solar Installation Rebate

Incentive Rates,
PSI Incentive Type System Size Incentive Rates (by customer type) Payment Schedule
Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB) 1 kW-AC


30 kW-AC*

$1.90/watt – Residential
$1.55/watt – Commercial

$2.30/watt – Government and Non-profits

One lump sum payment after installation and inspection approval; based on estimated PV system AC capacity.
Performance Based Incentive (PBI) Over 30 kW-AC

1,000 kW-AC*

$0.26/kWh – Residential
$0.32/kWh – Commercial and all PPAs

$0.32/kWh for government and non-profit applicants (host customers)

Five annual payments for first five years after installation and inspection approval; based on actual metered kWh output.

Last updated 9/01/2009

Administrator Customer Class * Current Step Initial MW in Step Unused MW from Previous Steps Revised Total MW in Step Issued Conditional Reservation Letters (MW) MW Remaining MW Under Review
SCE Residential 4 19.70 0.43 20.13 3.61 16.52 1.22
Non-Residential 5 49.30 31.77 81.07 23.06 58.01 12.38

The Following are some of California Green Designs’ Solar Installations in Stevenson Ranch, CA.

This is a 9.8 kw system installed as a shade structure has created an outdoor play area for the children in this sunny spot in Stevenson Ranch, CA.

Stevenson Ranch Solar

This 7.1 kw was installed in Stevenson Ranch in 2006.

Stevenson ranch Solar

What size system would you need for your home, have your electric bill handy and check out the Solar Calculator.

Interested in a quote fill out a form on California Green Designs website.


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