The Solar Blackout Solution – Solar Electric Battery Backup Systems

14 Sep

There are two main reason why most installations are connected to the grid.

  1. There is no additional cost to being attached to the grid, whereas a battery system does mean buying large batteries.
  2. The solar rebate comes from the electric company, who will only give you a rebate if you are still connected to the electrical grid.

There are advantages to being grid-tied, you can have a smaller solar system and still have access to any additional electricity needs you may have, on the opposite end of the spectrum if you have more production than you’re using, the additional power is stored on the grid, and in California with net-metering, when your solar panels are not working (i.e. when its dark) you use the stored energy at no additional cost.

There is one main downside to grid tied solar electric systems: Blackouts.

When the electrical grid goes down, your inverter goes down. (The inverter is what transforms the type of energy your system produces DC into the kind used in homes AC)

There is a solution, the no downside solar electric system has a backup battery system. It requires an additional inverter and some batteries. The other inverter comes to center stage really only when there is a power outage. When the power goes out, this inverter allows you to still use your solar generation, if the outage occurs when its dark, the batteries that are connected to the second inverter can be used to keep the power on.


Would like a quote on a solar battery backup system for your home or business? If you’re in the Southern California area Fill out a form for a free estimate, or call us at (818) 705 3474.

Here’s a close up of the system.


The Solar Battery backup system is essentially the hybrid solar electric system.


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