Solar in Canoga Park

18 Sep

“Solar in Los Angeles” – A new series covering all the Los Angeles Metro Area and their relationship with Solar.

Solar installations in Canoga Park

Utility Company: S0uthern California Edison

Electric rates: $0.12 – $0.34/kwh

Rebates available: Solar Installation Rebate

Incentive Rates,
PSI Incentive Type

System Size

Incentive Rates (by customer type) Payment Schedule
Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB)

1 kW-AC


30 kW-AC*

$1.90/watt – Residential
$1.55/watt – Commercial$2.30/watt – Government and Non-profits
One lump sum payment after installation and inspection approval; based on estimated PV system AC capacity.
Performance Based Incentive (PBI)

Over 30 kW-AC

1,000 kW-AC*

$0.26/kWh – Residential
$0.32/kWh – Commercial and all PPAs$0.32/kWh for government and non-profit applicants (host customers)
Five annual payments for first five years after installation and inspection approval; based on actual metered kWh output.

Last updated 9/01/2009

Administrator Customer Class * Current Step Initial MW in Step Unused MW from Previous Steps Revised Total MW in Step Issued Conditional Reservation Letters (MW) MW Remaining MW Under Review
SCE Residential 4 19.70 0.43 20.13 3.61 16.52 1.22
Non-Residential 5 49.30 31.77 81.07 23.06 58.01 12.38

175 kw

Solar School

A California Green Designs’ Solar Installations in Canoga Park

What size system would you need for your home, have your electric bill handy and check out the Solar Calculator.

Interested in a quote fill out a form on California Green Designs website.


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