Solar Power in the Summer

7 Jul

Solar Power in the Sunshine

During the summer solar panels start generating energy in the early hours of the mooring, once their generation reaches a certain threshold, the inverter kicks on and your home is now running on solar power. Generation during the summer often exceeds your use, and the extra energy can then be credited to you via net metering later on during the year. But the great highlight of a solar installation in the summer is when the day peaks, and temperatures rise, and the A/C kicks into overdrive, and so do the panels and the new surge of energy use is satisfied. There’s nothing like a low electricity bill in the summer.

June (July) Gloom and Solar Production?

Overcast weather can actually be a positive for solar. The cloud coverage actually means the day brightens earlier, which means the inverters turn on earlier. Solar Photovoltaic energy is energy produced from the sun’s light, rather than heat, and the cooler weather translates to cooler panels which is a positive for production. (Scientifically the panels resistance is lower.) Of course if the day becomes a deep gray, a good indicator is if you are unable to cast a shadow, then the panels will stop production.

Want to see your production boost? Hose down the panels, the removal of dust and the added bonus of the cool water will cause your panels’ production to peak.


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