Celebrate Arbor Day

29 Apr

The month of April is the environmental kickoff for the green industry. During April we celebrate not only Earth Day but also, and with just as much passion, we mark Arbor Day.  We are all aware of the many benefits of trees such as their absorption of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and their release of oxygen which is vital to all living things.

Trees also provide much needed shade, keep our climate cool, conserve water, improve air quality, and create their own eco systems for animals and other wildlife. In addition to these benefits, trees are also exceptionally beautiful and their presence in Los Angeles gives our neighborhoods amazing beauty and tranquility. They provide cover for paved surfaces, reduce water runoff and reflected heat. This helps lower airconditioning use. Trees improve the curb appeal of a neighborhood, increasing real estate values by 5 to 20 percent.

As a metric of how environmentally beneficial our work is, we have always kept track of the amount of electrical energy that our solar electric installations produce, and compare it with how many pounds of carbon dioxide we’ve offset, that would have been produced by coal for the same amount of energy. We also compare how many acres of trees would have been needed to offset those carbon dioxide emissions, that we’ve essentially eliminated. To date, we’ve installed over 4.5637 Megawatts of Solar. The average energy produced by this amount of power, is approximately 25.1 Megawatt-hours per day. So, each day our systems eliminate enough carbon dioxide emissions that would have required approximately 4,121 acres of trees, or roughly half a million trees, to offset.

When we design and install Solar Electric systems we are especially careful not to disturb trees. If any tree trimming is needed on a client’s property, we always turn to a qualified tree surgeon, such as Daniel Correa Gardening. We think that trees are a vital part of green technology and their strategic placement can help enhance the performance of a solar system. To find out more, read next week’s blog entry on “Solar, Your Electric Bill and Trees”.

At California Green Designs we love trees. We think trees rock! We have them in our company logo and in our hearts. Happy Arbor Day!Majestic Trees


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