Your Solar Nest Egg

29 Feb

What Solar Can Do For You

We’ve been doing a little math here at CAGD, creating some savings charts for the latest solar proposals, we have been getting some pretty impressive results.

Even a 2kW solar electric system creates a nice little Solar Nest Egg for you, the homeowner to put towards retirement or the kids’ college fund. We thought we’d share some of the numbers.

If your Solar Electric System saved you $50/month:

Savings in 20 years with conservative utility price increases:

Over $28,000

Savings in 20 years with interest:

Over $51,000

What could you do with your Solar Nest Egg?
Kids College Fund?
Home Improvement?


What will your savings be?

This is a great example, but every solar installation is different, lease or buy? Roof mount or ground mount? 2kW or 10? SCE or LADWP? There are quite a few variables. Interested in finding out what your potential savings could be? Contact us at (818) 705 3474, and we’ll lay out a savings chart for your specific potential solar electric installation.


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