The New Solar Lease

29 Mar

These days, everyone knows that buying electricity from the utility costs more than solar and creates more pollution than cars and airplanes combined; but for a long time, the solar investment was so large that it was only popular with the very rich or super environmentalists.  Leasing made it possible to obtain cheap solar equipment with very little money upfront and payments less than or similar to utility payments; but again, it wasn’t so attractive that it could be called a true “no-brainer”…until now!

Sunpower just released their latest panel upgrade that exceeds all other panels in efficiency and ‘real world’ performance and reliability.  The E20 series with Maxeon technology is something that you have to get to know; and you can do this by watching the videos on You Tube at this link:  Take 10-minutes to watch the first 5 videos and you will agree – Sunpower is the best in solar.  And, since Sunpower is both the leasing company AND the manufacturer, Sunpower is also the best lease in solar!

Other companies offer leasing – but it’s for cheap, low quality equipment.  Other companies offer Sunpower – but they don’t have CGD’s experienced construction and electrical people or design expertise.  The ‘No-Brainer’ combination is Sunpower from CGD; email or call and let us show you!

At CGD, we’re going a step further than turning sunshine into electricity – we’re turning it into college funds and retirement accounts!  We don’t want you to touch the nest egg that you have worked hard to build…the money for the kids college or your retirement  – we want to add to it.  Contact a CGD Solar Designer today and they will show you just how much money we can create from sunshine for you.  It costs nothing – so why wouldn’t you?


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