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Green Building in the Spring Time: Join us at AltBuild 2012

19 Apr

altbuild expo

It’s that time of year again, April is Earth Month, and all the sustainability expos start popping up in convention centers throughout the country, if you live in the LA area, and could only attend one show, mark your calenders, we’re excited to be taking part once again in the best show in town, the upcoming Alternative Building Materials & Design Expo AKA AltBuild.

It’s one of the most exciting, well-organized, sustainability oriented Green events in Los Angeles. The event is FREE to the public, but save considerable time and sign up for the event online now. The show will be held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on Friday May 11th and Saturday May 12th, 2012, from 10am to 5pm.

Stop by the California Green Designs booth, #74 and catch up on all the latest gossip regarding solar. The leasing program has just taken another giant step forward, get all the details, because if there was ever a time to take advantage of a solar lease, it’s the new Sunpower one you should hear more about. We’ll also go over what’s happening with the SCE and LADWP rebates, there’s been movement on both fronts recently, and have on display two full-sized solar panels, an inverter, and a solar pathfinder – the instrument used to project the daily trek of the sun all year long.

There is a $9/car parking fee if you park in the nearby Civic parking lot, so car pool if you can. There is also Santa Monica’s FREE Bike Valet available.

Event Location
Santa Monica Convention Center

1855 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401-3209


Join us this weekend in Santa Monica at the AltBuild Design Conference & Expo

5 May

We’re excited to be taking part in the 8th Annual Alternative Building Materials & Design Conference & Expo AKA AltBuild, this weekend. It’s one of the most interesting and sustainability oriented Green events in the Country. The event will be held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on Friday May 6th and Saturday May 7th, 2011, from 10am to 5pm.

Stop by the California Green Designs booth and catch up on all the latest news regarding solar. We’ll be showing off one of our largest installations, and have on display two full-sized solar panels, an inverter, and a solar pathfinder – the instrument used to project the daily trek of the sun all year long.

Other events that will be held at the expo include the Energy Upgrade California Networking Event, and the Ask A Pro event organized by the AIA Los Angeles Chapter where folks can get advice on green renovation questions from licensed architects and LEED Accredited Professionals. The Hennessey & Ingalls bookstore will feature architecture, design and eco-friendly books on display and for purchase and the Post Alt-Build Mixer organized by the Westside Branch of USGBC-LA will be held as well.

Come and see the APEX Block Demo Trailer built made of 80% post industrial recycled polystyrene foam and 20% cement. LifeSource Water will provide refills of filtered water so bring your cateens to AltBuild and the ever popular AltBuild Café will offer a complete menu of lunch and dessert options.

Zero Waste will attempt  to capture as many valuable materials as possible through Zero Waste Stations and to encourage bike use to the event, a FREE Bike Valet parking will be set up by the City of Santa Monica.

Event Location
Santa Monica Convention Center

1855 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401-3209

California Green Designs at AltCar Santa Monica 2009

24 Sep

altcar expo santa monica

AltCar returns to Santa Monica this October for the 4th annual Alternative transportation showcase.

Free to attend and open to the public on October 2nd and 3rd from 10am to 5pm at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

We’ll be amongst the alternative vehicles showing off an actual size solar panel, an inverter, a solar meter, and a solar pathfinder. Stop by, pick up some literature, ask our rep a few questions, or get a quote.

The event offers latest choices of Electric, Hydrogen, Biodiesel, Natural Gas, Propane, Hybrid, Plug In, and Ethanol transportation technologies. plus the famous Santa Monica Bicycle valet, and a returning favorite Ride and Drive a lot that gives attendees the opportunity to test drive the alternative vehicles.

altcar expo santa monica

Panel discussions on Friday will focus on fleets, with both MEMA (Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association) and NAFA (National Association of Fleet Administrators)  laying out almost a full day of activities for their members. There will also be the Transforming Transit Symposium featuring nationally renowned speakers providing a peak into the future of transit. The Big Blue Bus will also be unveiling THE BUS OF THE FUTURE.

Saturday speakers includes some of the top transportation decision makers in the State and legislation, all-technology debate, the latest success stories regarding large City adaptations, special address by Terry Tamminen and more.

This year also includes an greater bicycle section, while our favorite Santa Monica-based bike manufacturer wont be exhibiting, there’s a short education available for the commuter.


Interested in getting a quote on a solar electric system? Fill out a form on California Green Designs website or give us a call at 818 705 3474.

Cost of Solar Panel Installation

14 May

Money-Sun-CityOne of the most common questions we receive at California Green Designs, is how much does a solar installation cost? Although it may seem like a simple question it quickly gets complicated.

Think of solar as any other home improvement project, if you were say getting a kitchen remodel the price would vary on what you wanted right? Solar is similar, only its not just quality, its also quantity. You can have a huge ground mount system, or something small that takes the higher tiers off your bill, it all depends on how much electricity you use, and how much you’re looking to save. In either case, the electric company paying you for extra electricity you produce is still a urban dream. There are a couple of place in the US where feed in tariffs happen, Los Angeles is not on the list (yet). Until then you have to install a system that’s equal to or smaller than your usage.

So what size system do you need? There are actually some older posts that cover this topic here and here. But basically it depends on how much energy you use. If you’re in the LA area, we also talk about rebates here as well. The incentives differ from one utility company to the other, but with the federal tax credits most homeowners save 50, 60 some even 70% off the system cost. Businesses have additional incentives on top of that.

The good news is California Green Designs has relationships with solar panels manufactures, which means we get the best price out there. As for what it actually costs the range is huge. So its just best to get an estimate for your home or business.

Learn about your Solar Potential this Weekend at AltBuild in Santa Monica

5 May

California Green Designs will be in Santa Monica this Weekend for the 6th Annual AltBuild Expo. We’ll have on display, an actual sized solar panel, a dummy inverter, and a solar pathfinder. If you have any questions about Solar Electricity drop by our booth number 72, right in the center of the event.

AltBuild is this Friday and Saturday, May 8th and 9th, 10am to 5pm in the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Free Admission. Take your bike and get Free Bicycle Valet.

altbuild-flyer-santa-monicaIf you can’t make it to AltBuild, but would like to learn more about going solar, fill out the form for a free solar site evaluation on our website, and find out your solar potential.

You Can’t Afford Not to Look into Solar.

Is Los Angeles Green? An ongoing question.

31 Mar
A couple of months ago we posted a blog entry on all the arguments that Los Angeles can be considered a Green City. While the city might still not quite be there yet, a report released by LeastWastefulCities.com suggests we’re not by any means bringing up the bottom. Out of the 25 large US cities ranked, Los Angeles came in 5th. Looking at the results most Angelenos feel the city could be doing a lot more, imagine where we’d be if we were headed in the right direction.

Los Angeles: #5

Ranked 5th in the nation as America’s Least Wasteful City

Los Angeles’s high rankings:

  • Using a rain barrel – 2nd
  • Limiting showers to 5 minutes or less – 2nd
  • Participating in their city’s sustainability/environmental programs – 3rd
  • Taking public transportation – 3rd

Low rankings:

  • Turning off the lights when not in the room – 21st
  • Saving leftovers – 21st
  • Buying second-hand items including clothing, electronics, and furniture – 20th


  • 71% of Los Angeles residents consider themselves to be “eco-conscious”
  • 84% plan on being more environmentally conscious in the next year
  • 32% of Los Angeles residents think their city is on the right track to becoming more environmentally responsible

To learn more about Los Angeles’s environmental and sustainability efforts, visit http://www.lacity.org/lacity130.htm

Is Los Angeles Green?

2 Feb

California Green Designs has always been based in Los Angeles, we know California is a green state, but recently the question emerged how green can a city known for suburbs and traffic be? Is there enough to make a green defense? The following is a list of how the city of angels strives to be eco-friendly.

  • The city has plans to expand the subway system westward. Fingers crossed they don’t follow their current schedule and pick up the pace.
  • LA was the first city to require city owned buildings to be built to LEED specifications, the community colleges have a similar program.
  • The LA Convention Center was the first retrofit LEED certified building.
  • The LADWP, SCE, Burbank Water and Power, Glendale Water and Power, and Pasadena Water and Power all have current Solar rebate programs. See the entry on Solar Programs in LA for more.
  • We have a Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gases to 35% below 1990 levels by 2030. The large construction ordinance was created to help accomplish it.
  • There’s a Water Conservation Ordnance, that most people know about, here’s a link to the report of violations. Looks like they’re mainly giving warnings.
  • The Million Trees LA, an effort to literally make the city greener, you can even get some free trees from them, if only they’d plant some canopy trees along Venture Blvd…

Go Green Expo & Solar in Los Angeles 2009

21 Jan

Come visit California Green Designs and see our recent installations at the Go Green Expo on Jan 23-25 at the LA Convention Center, the expo dedicated to making communities greener, one city at a time.

A new show for the new year. New York’s Go Green Expo makes its way to California this January with what is expected to be a great show. California Green Designs will be there South Hall J Booth # 113

The show starts this Friday,  January 23rd with a day long program for businesses interested in going green. Buyers get in Free on Friday with their Business Card, followed by a weekend long program for Angelenos  looking for a more green lifestyle.

Lined up among the speakers at the show, include celebrities Ed Begley Jr., Mariel Hemingway, best selling authors Josh Dorfman “The Lazy Environmentalist”, Julie Edelman “The Accidental Housewife,”, Bryan Au “Raw in 10 Minutes”, and stars from Discovery Channel Planet Green’s TV show “Alter-Eco” Boise Thomas and Darren Moore.

*A special screening of Sundance Winner “FUEL” will be shown Friday evening, at 5.*

Solar New Years Resolution

8 Jan

solar-carbon-foot1Thinking of Reducing your Carbon Footprint in the New Year?.Installing a Solar Electric System can make a really long term impact. If you live in California, have a relatively unshaded roof (south facing is best) and pay at least $100 a month, then tt looks like 2009 is going to be a pretty amazing year to get a great price. What’s reducing the cost for solar in 2009?

Federal Incentive Tax Credits are 30% in 2009 for everyone, the $2000 cap for residential systems is now a thing of the past. This tax credit will not effected by Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). The tax credits will be around for the next 10 years, so why this year? The rebate structure.

Rebates in California come from the utility companies, the amount you receive is in a downward cycle, the earlier you apply the higher the rebate you reserve. It’s that simple, in 2009 you could save up to 75% off the cost of a solar electric system.

Are you in the Los Angeles area & interested in reducing your carbon footprint with Solar? Get a free evaluation from us by filling out a form on our website www.ca-green.com.

CAGD Solar at Green CA Schools Summit

10 Dec

California Sch9ol teachers and administrators are flocking today to the Anaheim Convention Center as the Green California School Summit officially opens its yesterday, the two day event which had sneak peak workshops Monday, is all about exposing California public schools to how they can be green. As more and more school districts join the green revolution the exhibition continues, this year there are over three dozen seminars, and attendees are expected to surpass 3000 plus over 200 exhibitors.

Solar SchoolIt’s in fact the nation’s largest green school program and cover a wide range of sustainability, everything from greening buildings to greening educational programs. California Green Designs is there with a hard to miss bird’s eye view of MDS School’s 175 kW Solar Installation.

Among the speakers will be the state’s superintendent, Jack O’Connell, Hunter Lovins, one of  Time Magazine’s “Hero of the Planet,” and author of  Natural Capitalism and Terry Tamminen, author of Lives per Gallon and environmental adviser to Governor Schwarzenegger.

This is the second annual Green School Summit, the first summit in Pasadena, had such success the revenue has been moved to be accommodate.  Other similar events are spread out throughout the year from same the hosting group, the non-profit Green Technology. The other events focus on other sectors government such as community colleges and government buildings.

The nation’s largest green schools event, with a program that covers every aspect of creating healthy, sustainable schools – from green building and facilities management to developing green curriculum!