LADWP Solar Rebate – Accepting Applications Again

22 Jul

Solar is back in LA! Earlier this year the LADWP solar incentive program was shut down due to overwhelming demand.

From its inception, the demand for solar in LA has been high, this year the LADWP rebate program had been swamped with $112 million in requests for energy rebates, but the program only has $30 million available in the annual budget.  To find a balance between satisfying customer demand and its budget restrictions, the LADWP plans to approve a limited number of current requests and has reduced the incentive levels for new projects. The updated 2011 rebate amount will be cut to $2.20 for every watt installed from the previous rate of $3.24, when it is brought back at the beginning of September.

If you’re interested in going solar, it is highly advisable to take advantage of the new rebate rates this year, as further rebate cuts are expected down the road.

It is reported that LADWP is also considering a feed-in tariff, where residents and businesses could be compensated for excess energy they generate. In Europe, feed-in tariffs have encouraged record solar energy development in Germany, Spain, and other countries in the region. Investor-owned utilities such as SCE have also successfully implemented feed-in tariffs.

With LADWP importing over 40% of its electricity from coal-fired power plants located in other states, the adoption of solar power not only saves the Department money in the long run, but makes the Los Angeles area less dependent on outside sources of electricity, reduces pollution from greenhouse gases that threaten the environment, and stimulates the economy. Just recently, an article entitled U.S., Canada power grids ready for heatwave reminds us of power operator’s concerns about the fossil fuel powered utility grid’s vulnerabilities which could lead to rolling black-outs, although the article did not mention any immediate concern.

In times of greater burden on the existing power lines and generating facilities, those with their own generating capabilities like solar customers, can help their local utility companies in meeting overall energy demand. Isn’t is great that in addition to all the environmental benefits of solar power, this amazing technology can also make the existing power grid more reliable? Even more reason to contact us for a free quote and take the next step towards going solar!


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