Be a Solar Advocate: Refer-a-Friend

16 Sep

Have you given any thought to Going Solar? Perhaps you’ve even gotten a few quotes, maybe even have a solar installation. We all want to see more people going solar, become one of our Solar Advocates and encourage your neighbors and friends to also consider what solar can do for them. If anyone signs up we’ll give you a generous referral fee.

Here’s 4 ways to Spread the Word

1. Host a Solar Party –  This is one of the best ways of spreading the news, host a solar party at your home, school, church anywhere you like. We’ll bring some wine and cheese, set everything up and print/email invitation, all you to do is invite everyone over, we’ll even give a check for $250 just for hosting. See below for more details.

2. Talk to your Friends and Neighbors  –  Why not spread your knowledge, and let your friends take advantage? If anyone signs up we’ll give you a generous referral fee.

3. Fan us on Facebook  – Show solar and us your support, and click Like.

4. Write us a Review  – Did you have a good experience with us? We’d love a review on Yelp or, or Both!

Solar Party Details

Invite your friends over and Host a Solar Party, learn more about Solar Energy, and earn a little money either for yourself or for your school, church or other venue.

Lease or buy? Roof or ground? What about shading? Spend the afternoon getting to know everything and anything involved in a solar installation from our Energy Consultants.

We’ll create an invitation, provide the wine and cheese and everything that comes with it from water, to silverware to tables and covers, etc…

Just for hosting a party, we will give you or the venue $250 (the party should ideally have a minimum of 5 interested parties attending).

PLUS for every sale generated from your party we will also give you or donate to the venue $1000.

Ready to set up your Solar Party? Call us at (818) 705 3474. Or email us at


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